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Marie Curie’s Sex Scandal

Sex scandal and Nobel Prize winner don’t usually go hand-in-hand, so that’s why this story about physicist Marie Curie’s torrid love affair with a married man was huge news back then. Why, it even led to a duel and a [...]

For Your Inspiration: 11 Imagination-Jarring Tips From Creative Geniuses

Comstock Images There are plenty of competing theories for how to boost your creativity: paint your room blue , work someplace noisy and distracting , complete a bunch of silly sentences, Mad-Libs-style. But there’s no better source for creativity advice than from a creative genius. Here are 11 tactics practiced by big thinkers, artists and innovators. 1. [...]

Dietribes: Lima Beans

• Though we have come to pronounce them differently, Lima beans were indeed named for the capital of Peru where they have been growing for over 7,500 years. Through trading and cultivation, limas became popular throughout the world, spreading across central America and the United States to Europe and Africa via Spanish and Portuguese ships!   • Lima beans [...]

Nobel laureate touts E-Cat cold fusion

Nobel prize winner Dr. Brian Josephson is trying to increase awareness of E-cat cold fusion. Despite the potentially revolutionary nature of the E-Cat…

Einstein’s immigration papers turn up

The immigration card belonging to Albert Einstein was recently discovered at Heathrow Airport. On May 25, 1933, Nobel Prize winner and father of moder…

ET life researcher Baruch Blumberg dies

Baruch Blumberg who helped NASA begin its search for alien life in the 1970s has died aged 85. Nobel Prize winner Blumberg was credited with saving mi…

Ig Nobel and Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize committee has announced the 2010 Nobel Prize laureates for Physics. The honor will be shared by Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov “for groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene“. However, this is not the first physics prize for Andre Geim. Congratulations to Andre Geim, new Nobel Prize winner in physics. He becomes the [...]