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2012 Ig® Nobel Prizes

The 22nd annual 2012 Ig® Nobel Prize Ceremony will be held on September 20 at Harvard University’s Sanders Theater. Ten Ig Nobels will be awarded for research that makes us laugh, and then makes us think. The ceremonies will feature “a variety of momentously inconsequential events,” or in other words, silliness.   The identity of the [...]

A Tribute to Professor Lipscomb

Professor Lipscomb, together with fellow Nobel Laureate, Rich Roberts and the Nicola Hawkins Dancers, performing in the premiere and only performance of the ballet “The Interpretive Dance of the Electrons” at the 2004 Ig Nobel Prize ceremony. Photo: Alexandra Murphy. by Marc Abrahams, Improbable Research staff Very sad news. My good friend and longtime collaborator William Lipscomb [...]

LIBRETTO: The Bacterial Opera

Words: Marc Abrahams Music: Jacques Offenbach, Giuseppe Verdi, and Arthur Sullivan (And thanks to Mary Ellen Davey, Harriet Provine, Dany Adams, and Carl Zimmer for bacteriological insights, and Robert Csillag, DDS, and his staff for inspiration on microbial matters.) The Bacterial Opera premiered as part of the 20th First Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony, at Sanders Theater, Harvard [...]