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Noah Scalin’s 365 Daily Skulls

(Video Link) Artist Noah Scalin decided to make a representation of a human skull every day for a year. He used a wide variety of media, from spaghetti to sea shells. This video shows all of them. Link via Dude Craft | Artist’s Website

Pumpkin Skull

When you produce a skull every day, what are you going to do for Halloween? Noah Scalin at Skull-s-Day carved a pumpkin and found the skull inside! Link -via The Daily What

A Sampling of Niche Blogs

Setting up a new blog is simple and free if you use public platforms like Blogger or Wordpress or Twitter. A few years after ordinary people discovered the joys of blogging, experienced bloggers are branching out into multiple blogs. This led to the rise of niche blogs, blogs devoted to a very narrow subject. The [...]