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Cat Cafe

Caffeine and cat? Why it’s a match made in Heaven, and put into practice in Japan. Let’s go to the Cat Café Neko no Mise in Tokyo, Japan, where you can get a cat and cappucino [...]

Heart Plunging Machine

After one man went into cardiac arrest and his family successfully performed CPR on him with a toilet plunger, Advanced Circulator Systems developed the ResQPump. It’s a machine that regulates chest compressions and airflow during the resuscitation process: According to a study published in The Lancet this winter, the ResQPump, which is used for chest compressions, [...]

Death Wears a Snuggie

In a recent Wired article, missileer John Noonan recounts his daily life manning an American missile silo. He calls it: In Nuclear Silos, Death Wears a Snuggie. And Noonan really does wear a Snuggie (a blue one), as he waits for orders to launch ICBMs. And waiting is really boring — like soul-crushingly, tediously, boring. [...]

Death Wears Bunny Slippers: Life Inside a Nuclear Missile Silo

Various sources around the Internet indicate that this awesome unit patch worn by some USAF ballistic missile crews is completely real. Comfort, as well as anything that relieves boredom, is highly prized. That’s why many airmen wear Snuggies while manning the missile platforms. John Noonan, as former captain in the Air Force, writes: In a favorite [...]

Unlikely (We Hope!) Video Game Peripherals

Image:Kent Smith, Gizmodo Gizmodo held a photoshop contest for video game peripherals that will probably never be developed. Above is the…uh, animal husbandry Nintendo Wii controller by Kent Smith, which took 3rd place. There are 42 reader-submitted images at the link. Link via GearFuse

Wii Spray

Graffiti + Nintendo Wii = Wii Spray. Wii Spray Stencil – Beta from Martin Lihs on Vimeo. I hope this makes it to stores in the near future, because I would like to give these guys some money. Plus, you know.. virtual grinder tags: thanks to the guys from Stairs to Nowhere from the tip-off!