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Happy 27th Birthday, Nintendo Entertainment System

In Feel Old Again news, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) console went on sale 27 years ago this week in North America. Yes folks, it was October 18, 1985 when Nintendo Fever first invaded the living rooms of America. The NES came in two bundles to start with: the Deluxe Set ($199.99 [...]

Will the Real “Super Mario Bros. 2″ Please Stand Up?

This week, Nintendo released “New” Super Mario Bros. 2. But “Old” Super Mario Bros. 2 isn’t what you think it is. Here’s the odd story of how Nintendo crammed Mario into places he was never meant to be. Super Mario Bros. 1 (1985) To start this saga, we have to go all the way back [...]

Nintendo Zapper Holster

Pocket carry isn’t safe, so A.F. 275 made a plastic over the waistband holster for his Nintendo Entertainment System Zapper: After making it of course I had to range test it. So I ran through six rounds a Duck Hunt, drawing on each duck from a holstered position and nailed every one of them. Link -via Everyday, [...]

Play Super Mario Bros. by Flexing Your Muscles

(Video Link) Show off both your mad video game skills and your muscular body with this modified Nintendo Entertainment System controller. Brian Kaminski’s interface lets you control Mario’s movements by flexing your biceps and forearms. His instructions at the link show you how to build one that just plugs into a USB port. Link -via DVICE

Play Your Old NES Games On The Go

Man, if this amazing little gaming device had been invented when I was a kid, I probably would have gone outside to play more often, although it would have surely been with this portable gaming console in hand. Called the HandyNES, it plays all the old Nintendo Entertainment System cartridges, and you can even use [...]

Life Sized Samus Made Out Of Old Game Cartridges

Samus Aran has been bringing the girl power to video games since the premiere of Metroid on the original Nintendo Entertainment System, and although the series isn’t as prolific as, say, the Mario Bros. franchise, it nevertheless inspires a plethora of fan art. But this life sized Samus fan art, made out of broken game cartridges [...]

The Wizard, The Power Glove, and Children in Peril

Why They Made This Crazy Movie Released in 1989, The Wizard was a major motion picture that doubled as a promotional vehicle for Nintendo products. It’s quite likely the only motion picture to require a “Power Glove Consultant” (for the record, this consultant is named only as “Novak” in the credits), and the movie is [...]

The Late Movies: The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

On this date in 1985, Americans were introduced to the Nintendo Entertainment System. And thank goodness! Is there another duo more synonymous with technological advancement than the Super Mario Brothers? Between their ongoing stint as video game characters, roles in movies, more merch than we could ever list, and a hilariously awful television series, the [...]

World’s Largest Functional NES Controller

Students at a Dutch university have constructed the largest functional Nintendo Entertainment System controller in the world. It measures twelve by five feet. As you can see from the Dutch-language video at the link, they set it up in a public venue and let people play Super Mario Bros. on a huge screen. Link (Google Translate) [...]

How Did the Duck Hunt Gun Work?

If you’re a geek of a certain age, a good portion of your childhood probably revolved around sitting too close to the TV, clutching a plastic safety cone-colored hand gun and blasting waterfowl out of a pixilated sky in Duck Hunt (also, trying to blow that dog’s head off when he laughed at you). The [...]