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Saturn Meets Nine Inch Nails

What do you get when you pair incredible footage of Saturn and its moons with Nine Inch Nails? An awe inspiring black and white video showing clips NASA’s Cassini spacecraft took during its ongoing mission to the ringed planet. If you haven’t been following the Cassini spacecraft’s second mission to Saturn, here’s a video that will [...]

Fantastically Intense Wiring, Part 7

“QUANTUM SHOT” #48Link – Also read previous parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 The Mothers of All Messes (and maybe a few fathers, too) The goal of this series (other than to simply entertain) is to raise awareness about the abundance of various tangled messes in the world and to establish the humanitarian fund dedicated to [...]

The Late Movies: Acoustic Cover Songs for Fall

Tonight’s Late Movies are a collection of my all-time favorite acoustic cover songs that have a fall-like feel. Grab a comfortable sweatshirt and a cup of hot chocolate and don’t forget to share your own favorites in the comments. Before Ryan Adams married Mandy Moore and started releasing an album every hour, he was part of [...]