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30 Famous People With Law Degrees

Law degree image via Shutterstock Second-guessing your career choice? You’re not alone. Even people who put themselves through many extra years of schooling sometimes end up changing their minds. That’s the case with many of these people, who ditched their law degrees in favor of other pursuits — quite successful ones at that. Authors 1. Washington Irving. The [...]

Can we communicate with the dead ?

Its a question that has gripped philosophers for thousands of years – can we really talk to the dead ? Salon owner Nina De Santo believes so. She’d be…

150 Year Old Dolls May Have Been Drug Smugglers

Nina (above) and Lucy Ann live at the Museum of the Confederacy but recently made a trip to VCU Medical Center where they were X-rayed to determine whether their craniums and upper bodies were spacious enough to carry quinine or morphine for wounded or malaria-stricken Confederate troops. The answer is yes. Next they will be [...]