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Horror Movies for Your Pets

Just because you’ve filled up your dog’s food dish every day for his entire life is no reason to conclude that you’ll do so tomorrow. This and other terrors from the mind of Jeff Wysaski are sure to give your pets nightmares. Link

10 Weird, Funny and Just Plain Weird Halloween Costumes

Some of these scary dog costumes aren’t really that bad, but others really are the things nightmares are made of -take this human mask for example. Yikes! Link

Amigurumi Freddy Krueger Doll

He’s so cuddly you might just be tempted to let your kids play with him, until they actually see the movie and suddenly start refusing to go to bed and having nightmares every day. Link Via CraftZine

Scary Celebrity Extreme Close-Ups

No matter how much you love or hate these celebrities, you never want to see them this close up, believe me. Some of the images in this gallery will give you a good laugh, others are the stuff nightmares are made of (Iggy Pop). Check out the rest of the gallery at the link below. I [...]

Remixed Images of Haunted House Photos

Pictures of scared guests from the Nightmares Fear Factory have been sweeping the net lately, but how many pictures of scared people can you really look at? Fortunately, some people have been taking to remixing the images and the results are hilarious. Link

Ana Somnia

All you need to do is turn off the lights to unleash this little girl’s dreams -or you might call them nightmares. Link -Thanks, Richard Schumann!


(YouTube link) The new animation from Cyriak Harris might induce nightmares, if you are susceptible to suggestion. You’ve been warned. -via Laughing Squid