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Disturbingly Cool Mask Sculptures

Swedish artist Axel Torvenius sculptures are like fragments of a nightmare, masks which show faces in the midst of transformation and other dark works which explore bodily deconstruction and mortality. They’re hauntingly beautiful and should appeal to Halloweenies who also have love for fine art, check out the rest of Axel’s works at the link below. Link [...]

On Remembrance Day

The guns fell silent 94 years ago today. The long nightmare that was the First World War was over. Artist Rachel Holding marked the occasion by making this wreath out of toy soldiers and a single plastic poppy. Link -via Nag on the Lake

Are These The Real Life Inspirations For My Little Ponies?

We all know that John is a total Brony, but I don’t even think he could handle these real life versions who were three-quarter Clydesdale and one-quarter French. I’ve gotta say, as someone who has been around plenty of real life horses, keeping these critter’s manes and tails clean would be a nightmare. Link

When The Office and The Matrix Combine

(Video Link) It’s true, dreaming about Milton never shutting up about his stapler really would be a nightmare. Of course, if you woke up to a call by Lumbergh after that, you might start wishing you were in The Matrix. Via io9

Delightful Dog Decorating From Pennsylvania

It’s the Nightmare Before Dogmas over in Hershey, PA at the great dog grooming expo. Don’t miss all the other great dog designs over at Vice. Link Via BoingBoing

From the Golden Days of Ventriloquism: Children Entertainment of Yore

From the Golden Days of Ventriloquism, via the fantastic Fengtastic and Miss Cellania, may we present to you a preview of tonight’s nightmare? Why, you’re welcome.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Tombstone Nightlight

The Nightmare Before Christmas Tombstone Nightlight – $7.95 Christmas is coming! Sandy Claws is busy making his list and checking it twice. It looks like Jack Skellington is both naughty and nice. Attention The Nightmare Before Christmas fans! Let Jack light up your life with The Nightmare Before Christmas Tombstone Nightlight from the NeatoShop. Be sure to check [...]

Cakes with Teeth

Welcome to my nightmare tonight, o fanged cake. Hi Fructose showcases the latest work of sculptor Scott Hove, whose new series aptly titled "Your Deadly Desserts" is all about cakes with fangs, tongues and [...]

Crazy Wiring (DRB Series)

DRB Popular SeriesLink This is… complicated. This is the ultimate collection of nightmare wiring jobs (some incredibly complex, others incredibly messy)… This series is part of our larger Computers category and Weird pics category. We will be constantly updating this page, as new issues come out, so make sure to bookmark it. Fantastically Intense Wiring Part 7 of our [...]

8 Prehistoric Creatures from Your Nightmares

We see fossil reconstructions or illustrations of species that have come and gone and we sometimes say, “Come on now, that can’t be real!” Or maybe you don’t, but I have, because these creatures look like they came from a horror film or a child’s most frightening nightmares. 1. The Creature: Platybelodon The Nightmare: Pink Elephants on [...]