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Star Trails Down Under

This photograph of star trails over Lake Tyrrell in Victoria, Australia was taken by amateur astronomer and astrophotography enthusiast Alex Cherney. His daughter’s school project involving astronomy was the origin of Cherney’s interest in the subject. Originally from the Ukraine, Cherney currently lives in Australia and regularly travels the country taking pictures of the night [...]

Within Two Worlds

If you love time-lapse video of the night’s sky like I do, you can’t miss this one titled Within Two Worlds by Brad Goldpaint (previously on Neatorama), who wrote: "Within Two Worlds depicts an alternate perspective by giving [...]

On Becoming Trendy

Photo: Juliana Jimenez Jaramillo for Slate Justin Peters wasn’t trendy, but since he’s a journalist (he’s an editor at the Columbia Journalism Review) and he lives in Brooklyn, it’s just a matter of time [...]

The United States Of Scary Things

Things are mighty scary in these United States, and the scary varies from state to state. These aren’t made up critters that go bump in the night though, these are real things that everyone should be scared of, like hurricanes and killer bees, zombie Lincoln and cheese heads?! Okay, so some of these things are made up, [...]

A Real-Life Ghost Story

The following is an article from Uncle John’s Endlessly Engrossing Bathroom Reader. Are you scared of the dark? Do you sleep with the light on? Do you hear noises in other parts of the house when you know you’re alone? You’re about to read a ghostly tale with an incredible twist: It really happened! DOCTOR WHO William Wilmer, [...]

Are bats afraid of the moon ?

Despite being creatures of the night bats appear to have a strong aversion to being in direct moonlight. Scientists in Mexico have determined that bat…

Legendary Monsters of Asia

Every country has eerie tales of monsters from hundreds, or even thousands, of years ago. There are many such stories from Asia; here are a few of those monsters you might want to tell the kids about the next time you have a campfire on a dark and spooky night. 1. Penanggalan The Penanggalan is a Malaysian [...]

10 Super-Embarrassing Moviemaking Typos

When you first look at this movie title, your brain probably says Night of a Thousand Cats. And that’s what you should think, because that’s what it is supposed to say. But look closer, and you’ll realize it says Night of a One Thousand Cats. This brain trick caused by using a numeral instead of [...]

Spider-Man Night Light

Spider-Man Night Light – $16.95 Are boogie men and things that go bump in the night keeping you from a good night sleep. Keep scary things at bay with the Spider-Man Night Light from the NeatoShop. Spider-Man is always there to swing into action and save the day night.  Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more [...]

Hilarious Bad Prom Pictures

Prom night can be a terrifying and wondrous experience, full of fashion faux pas, unexpected acne outbreaks and awkward moments in teen angst. So why not enjoy the hilarity of it all by looking at a bunch of funny prom pictures? Peruse the gallery at your leisure and be thankful that your prom night pics didn’t make [...]