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15 Creepy Abandoned Observatories

Looking for a great place to tell ghost stories and enjoy unparalleled views of the night sky? Well, one of these eerie abandoned observatories might just be the perfect place to host your next camping trip -assuming you’re up to date on your shots and don’t mind getting attacked by ghosts of angry astronomers past. Link

Flashing UFO filmed over UK

The unusual object was picked up on a time-lapse video of the night sky by UK Skywatch. Unlike the stars in the background the object draws immediate …

UFO photographed over Devon

A bridge worker has captured an unusual flashing object in the night sky over Devon, England. Gary McDermott snapped the photograph at around 9pm on S…

Pokéball Firework

A Pokéball from Pokémon appeared in the night sky over Niigata, Japan. This brawl is going to be awesome. Link -via Geekosystem

Death Star Planetarium

Death Star Planetarium – $29.95 Do you know someone who has trouble falling asleep at night? Maybe they would sleep better under the Star Wars Galaxy. The Death Star Planetarium from the NeatoShop allows you to transform any darkened room into your very own planetarium. Now you can finally get cozy and relax under the Star Wars [...]

Jupiter to make closest approach to Earth

The planet Jupiter will be particularly bright in the night sky during its closest approach this month. From September 20th the largest planet in our …