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The Philosophers Love Song

(Video Link)  “Hegel, I Goethe Goethe Goethe have you ’cause I Nietzsche Nietzsche Nietzsche so bad.” In a triumph of misunderstood lyrics, Jeremy Boor sings a love song using the names of philosophers, most of them German and while occasionally stretching the definition of “philosopher.” Lyrics -via Nerdcore

Nietzsche’s Will to Power Bar

Nietzsche’s Will to Power Bar – $4.95 Are you searching for a wonderfully life-affirming afternoon pick-me-up? You need Nietzsche’s Will to Power Bar from the NeatoShop. This delicious fruit and nut bar will help you get in touch with you inner Ubermensch. The box is chocked full of fun activities and even includes a cut-out Nietzsche [...]

Conan O’Brien Delivered a Commencement Address

And it was quite good! Commencement addresses tend to range from tedious to unbearable, but O’Brien’s speech before the graduates of Dartmouth College was both funny and practical: Eleven years ago I gave an address to a graduating class at Harvard. I have not spoken at a graduation since because I thought I had nothing left [...]