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Machine Animals

Nicolas Lampert, whose work Meatscape was featured on Neatorama a while ago, is back with a series of artwork called machine-animals. My favorite is easily the Turtle Tank above! Take a look: Link

First Surreal Animation

LinkScroll down for today’s pictures & links. First Surreal Animation This inspired trip is “Fantasmagorie” from 1908, made by Emile Cohl. Some of the old cartoons were very bizarre… for example, Russian scientist Ladislas Starevitch used to create animated films using dead insects with wire limbs. Another very strange cartoon is this one… “You wanna be a [...]

The Meatscapes of Nicolas Lampert

Image: Nicholas Lampert Collage artist Nicolas Lampert combines the joys of lovely landscapes and mountains of meat. In an interview with ArtSlant, he wrote about the juxtapositions that he creates in his meatscapes: AR: A lot of artists are interested in using spectacle as a prime component of their work. Whether it’s hanging a working locomotive from [...]