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Nicolas Cage "vampire" claim surfaces

Nicolas Cage has been likened to a man in an old civil war photograph taken in 1870. Antiques dealer Jack Mord hit headlines when he posted an old civ…

The Evolution of Nicolas Cage’s Hair

(YouTube link) Nicolas Cage has played roles in 66 different films so far, and his roles have an extraordinary range. So does his hair! For proof, watch this video compilation by Harry Hanrahan. See a list of the films used at Pajiba. -via The Daily What

Bad Actors That Are Actually Surprisingly Talented

Is the actor really that bad or is it just a bad movie? Weird Worm shines the light on 5 actors who you thought were bad, but are actually quite talented. Take, for instance, Nicolas Cage: Mr. Cage is the man that inspired this article. Never before has Hollywood seen an actor who is has such [...]

16 Attractions Open Christmas Day

Christmas is often a day spent with family, but it’s easy to get a bit antsy if you’re forced to spend the entire day at home. Unfortunately, there’s not much to do on Christmas when the majority of businesses are closed. If you’re sick of going out for Chinese food or heading to the movies, [...]

Nicolas Cage is Broke

If you’re feeling a tad poor because of the economic meltdown, tell yourself that at least you’re not Nicolas Cage. The highest paid actor in Hollywood is broke: How could one of Hollywood’s highest paid actors find himself owing $6.3 million in back taxes and deep in money troubles? The answer is, “Easy,” if you believe [...]