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The Avengers Cast of Animals

If the movie The Avengers were made with animals instead of human actors, we’ve already found the perfect cast. They even come with their own adorable costumes! Pictured here is Nick Fury (or is it Nick Furry?) played not by Samuel L. Jackson, but by a sweet Boston Terrier. See the rest at Buzzfeed. Link

15 TV Shows Based On Comic Books That Didn’t Make The Cut

Our friends at Comics Alliance have put together a list of TV shows based on comic books that never made it on the air, a sad memorial to what could have been and a reminder of why some stories simply won’t work as live action shows. Titles like The Amazing Screw-On Head, based on Mike Mignola’s [...]

Hypnotizing Comic Book Cover GIFs

In this latest batch of animated comic book cover GIFs by Kerry Callen- Nick Fury uses some hypnotic effects to daze evil-doers, and Lois Lane shares some sugar with the boys from the Justice League, while Superman’s off fighting crime and posing for promo posters. Grab these and spruce up your desktop, or attach them to [...]