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The Nicholas Cage Couch

No matter where you go he’ll always have his eyes on you. I don’t care how much you like Nicholas Cage, it would still be horrendously creepy to sit on this thing. Link

History’s 11 Most Important Lists

Good morning! It’s the 11th of the month, which means we’ve got lots of ’11 lists’ for your reading enjoyment. We’ll post one list every hour starting at 9:11am until we get tired. It’s going to be a good day. If there’s one thing we at mental_floss know, it’s this: people love lists! Even fancy [...]

Creepy Face Mask of Yourself

Image: REAL-f This Halloween, go as yourself while wearing this super realistic 3D "face mask" by a Japanese company called REAL-f. The mask is so uncanny (the company claims to be able to accurately reproduce [...]

Massive Box Office Draws Whose Names You Don’t Know

In Hollywood, big box office returns typically give an actor immense power. By that token, Frank Welker should have more sway than Will Smith, Nicholas Cage or Harrison Ford. After all, he’s outgrossed all of them – and everyone else in Tinseltown for that matter. That’s according to the The Numbers All Time Top 100 [...]

Link Latte 153

#153 – Week of March 14, 2010 Discover the Effect of a Nuclear Bomb in Your City – [map]The Human Planet: Awesome Photography – [with narration]Moon Cave, big enough to contain a city – [discovery]Rare Photography of the Fossil Fish – [nature]Japanese Futuristic Art in the 1970s – The Good and Bad of Nicholas Cage – [...]