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Naughty Korea and Nice Korea

Australian newspaper The Mx printed a chart of Olympic medal standings by country. The countries of North Korea and South Korea were called “Naughty Korea” and “Nice Korea.” If you don’t know which is which, then you’ll need to find another source for medal standings. Link

Man Places 10 Years of Newspaper Ads to Pay Loving Tribute to Late Wife

Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez ran into a man named Joe Ingber in the lobby of the newspaper building who was looking to place a small ad in the paper. That, in itself [...]

School Lunch Blogger Stopped by Authorities

Martha Payne, the 9-year-old blogger in Scotland who went viral documenting her school lunches for two months has been shut down by the local council. The blog had caused visible improvement in the quality of the local school lunches, and had raised £2,000 for a food charity. But Martha was called out of class yesterday [...]

Newspaper Prints Front Page in Binary

The Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) is going digital-only, so to commemorate its first online edition, it printed a frontpage in binary code. Link – via Engadget

UK police called over ghost sightings

Peterborough police have been alerted numerous times over the years following sightings of ghosts. A newspaper Freedom of Information request has reve…

Exploding Churros

Here is why all recipes should be thoroughly tested before publication. The Chilean newspaper La Tercera printed a recipe for churros in 2004. Now they must pay damages varying from $279 to $48,000 to eleven woman who were injured trying the recipe. Judges determined that the newspaper failed to fully test it before publication, and that [...]

British Newspaper Archive: 300 Years of News Now Online

Image: Police News – via Telegraph This is very neat: the British Library, in collaboration with brightsolid online publishing, has digitized 4 million newspaper pages published in the UK since 1800, comprising of some [...]

Man Arrested Over Photo of Oil Refinery

Talk about a tough audience. Granted, it can be hard to take a photo that everyone is happy with, but recently a Long Beach newspaper photographer was arrested for taking pictures of “no aesthetic value.” Ouch. Long Beach, Calif., police arrested a man for taking a photograph of “no aesthetic value.” Sander Wolff, who takes photos [...]

The Inebriate in Captivity

John F. Ptak came across an 1908 newspaper photo essay entitled “The Pleasant Lot of the Inebriate in Captivity: The comfortable quarters of the inmates of a state reformatory for inebriates.” The life in the state reformatory as an alcoholic British woman was hardly “pleasant” as the title states, though we don’t know what the author [...]

Vatican: Homer Simpson a "true catholic"

The Vatican’s official newspaper has declared Homer Simpson to be their idea of a true Catholic. “The Simpsons are among the few TV programmes for chi…