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11 Most Painfully Obvious Newspaper Articles Ever

Some writers must not realize how funny these headlines are until someone points them out, or else they are trying to entertain us to make up for a boring story. 11 Points has eleven examples of the funniest obvious news stories. Link

The Biggest News Stories of the Year

GOOD magazine has a graphic that shows how big the news stories of 2009 were compared to other news stories. The information used is from, which calculates the percentage of coverage news stories get every week. Link -via Nag on the Lake

The 30 Most Memorable Mug Shots Of 2009

We are being inundated with not only end-of-the-year lists, but also end-of-the-decade lists. It’s nice to look back at the biggest news stories, sports highlights, and the best photographs, but I prefer the offbeat lists, like these memorable mug shots. Pictured is school principal Tracy Tredway of Indiana, arrested for drunk driving. Link