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Dance of the Baby Stingray

(YouTube link) Oh, this is absolutely charming! A young stingray in an aquarium at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, Oregon, puts on a performance of his dancing skills. Music by Kevin McLeod.  -via Arbroath

Knope-Newport and 6 Other Memorable TV Elections

Image credit: Tonight’s season finale of Parks and Recreation will feature one of the most hotly contested elections since Truman defeated Dewey. While we wait to see whether Leslie Knope trumps Bobby Newport for a seat on the Pawnee City Council, here are some of our other favorite TV election episodes. 1. Cheers After Boston City Councilman [...]

Police to Drug Dealers: Hey, Stop That!

The police watched a drug deal in Newport News, Virginia, and built strong evidence against the drug dealers … then did something unusual: instead of arresting and prosecuring the criminals, the police invited them [...]


(vimeo link) Oh no! This place is infested with coins! This short stop-motion animation was produced by Olly Newport. -via Laughing Squid

The Stories Behind 5 Familiar Voices

Note: This article was originally published in 2008, before Brenna wrote a book and went on to big things at Mashable. Server migration week continues, so forgive us for reposting a few oldies/goodies. You may not recognize the names or faces, but the voices you know. They might tell you to stand clear of closing doors, [...]

Wolfgang’s Vault

Like live music? Of course you do. Know where to listen to thousands of legal concerts for free? I’m guessing many of you don’t, which is why I’m really excited to introduce you to, the coolest site I’ve discovered in the last weeks. And it’s not just a Web site—it’s an amazing, user-friendly iPhone app, [...]

Kate has Five Babies

The announcement in the Times of London told the world that Kate Pong had given birth to quintuplets named Beyonce, Tyra, Bobbi, Barrack and Earl. The small item prompted Robert Littlejohn of The Daily Mail to speculate on the mother’s marital status. But it turns out that Kate Pong is a chocolate Labrador! Kate’s owner, [...]

The Quick 10: Nine Fallen Natural Landmarks (and One That’s Stumbling)

Forget about London Bridge – it seems that everything is falling down. When it comes to natural landmarks, at least, it seems that you’d better catch ‘em while you can. Erosion – and occasionally vandals – are making nature’s birthmarks a thing of the past. Here are nine landmarks that you can no longer view [...]