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Fireworks in Reverse

(Video Link) What do fireworks look like when you see them backwards? Simply beautiful. Julian Tay recorded the New Year’s Day fireworks display in Melbourne, Australia and reversed the image. Link -via Colossal 

Ringing in 1950

(YouTube link) This New Year greeting was shown in theaters among the pre-feature shorts in December of 1949. (via Nag on the Lake)

An Epic Marriage Proposal Movie

(Video Link) New York Times columnist David Pogue wanted to make sure his wedding proposal was memorable, so he did what anyone would do and created an epic movie trailer showing how they met and that he wanted to marry her. Then he played it in front of their friends and family. Via Laughing Squid

How Images Were Manipulated Before Photoshop

The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art is hosting an exhibition made up of 200 photos which were altered or manipulated in some way between 1840 and 1900, well before the advent of digital image manipulation via programs like Photoshop. They should have called the exhibition Ye Olde Way To Shoppe A Photo! Link

Alien Invasion Movie Recipe

The New York International Latino Film Festival noticed that some movies follow cliched "recipes" and decided to exploit them in their ads. I particularly like this one, which is used for practically all alien [...]

The New York Times Morgue

Deep in the basement of the venerable The New York Times, there’s a morgue of sorts. At least that’s what Times employee call the newspaper’s archive. Jeff Roth, the sole custodian of the NY Times [...]

Easter Island heads have full bodies

New archaological digs on Easter Island have revealed tall bodies buried beneath the stone heads. While most of the statues on the enigmatic island ap…

Fumblerules of Grammar

Writer William Safire collected contradictory grammar rules from various sources and published 36 of them in his New York Times column in 1979. Eighteen more were added when he published the 2002 book Fumblerules: A Lighthearted Guide to Grammar and Good Usage. Here’s a sample: 8. Do not put statements in the negative form. 9. Verbs has [...]

Inside the Peeps Factory

The New York Times has a photo gallery in their Easter weekend magazine featuring a peep inside the Peeps factory. See the parade of marshmallow chicks on their way to a store near you! It takes six minutes to make a Peep. Ingredients are mixed, air is injected and the emerging Peep is blasted with a [...]

Crowds flock to French town for UFO rescue

Crowds of New Agers have travelled to Bugarach in France awaiting rescue by a UFO on December 21st. Those attending share the believe that the world w…