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Mechanical Pencil Lead Refills Sculptures by Peter Trevelyan

Look at these intricate sculptures by New Zealand artist Peter Trevelyan and weep: the geometric structures are made with 0.5 mm lead refills for mechanical pencils! I can’t even reload my mechanical pencils without [...]

10 Cool Trivia Facts About The Hobbit

We already presented you with some fun trivia about the book-version of The Hobbit, but if you’re interested in learning more about the behind the scenes actions involved with making the film version, io9 has you covered with all kinds of neat facts. For example: Smaug Stole All Of New Zealand’s Gold (Paint) The greedy dragon’s [...]

World’s First Solo Driving Dog

(YouTube Link) The New Zealand SPCA has a creative way of handling the pet adoption situation- they teach dogs how to drive so people can see how smart they are and adopt them. The dog featured in this video is named Porter, and he’s the first New Zealand SPCA Driving Dog to drive solo. It’s going to be [...]

New Zealand Charity Teaches Dogs How To Drive

(YouTube Link) An animal adoption organization in New Zealand is teaching dogs how to drive, with their paws on the pedal steering straight towards the nearest cat. As if driving around town wasn’t dangerous enough, now we’ll have to contend with canine drivers who brake at the scent of fast food! –via Geekologie


(YouTube link) MechBass is a robotic bass guitar may put bass players out of business. James McVay put it together for his engineering honors project at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Witness it playing the Muse song “Hysteria.” There’s lots more about the machine at Hack A Day. Link -via Flavorwire

White Shadow: Alfred Hitchcock’s First Film

Alfred Hitchcock made his first movie in 1924. The White Shadow was thought to have been lost forever, until three of the six reels were found mislabeled in the New Zealand Film Archive. Now the National Film Preservation Foundation has made it available online. What made this a big deal is that “The White Shadow” is [...]

Killer Whale Hunts a Swimming Dog

(Video Link) A diver off the coast of New Zealand spotted four killer whales and quickly scrambled onto the rocks for safety. A nearby Labrador Retriever was not as attentive. One whale closed in for an easy lunch…. -via Daily of the Day

The Hobbit In-Flight Safety Video

To make sure that you get there and back again safely, Air New Zealand – the official airline of Middle Earth, mind you – has released a new Hobbit-themed in-flight safety video. In this video, [...]

Hobbit coins to become legal tender

New Zealand is to release a series of ‘The Hobbit’ coins that will be considered legal tender. To commemorate the upcoming release of Peter Jackson’s …