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Wright’s Law

(YouTube link) Jeffrey Wright is a very popular and effective physics teacher at Louisville Male Traditional High School in Kentucky. But he has lessons from his own life that are even more important than physics. Read more about him at the New York Times. Link 

32 Innovations That Will Change the Way You Live

Which clever inventions will shape life in the next few decades? The editors of the New York Times have 32 suggestions, including a monitor that reduces eye strain and improves your posture: If you slump down when you’re typing on an ErgoSensor monitor by Philips, it’ll suggest that you sit up straighter. To help office workers [...]

Tuition Costs Compared to Other Prices

This graph from the New York Times shows how much tuition has gone up, way more than other costs. They offer several reasons, but since they are focusing manly on state schools, public funding cutbacks appears to explain a lot of it. Link -via TYWKIWDBI

Password Check

Captchas are there so you can prove you are a person instead of a ‘bot. But what if you fail the test? They can be pretty hard! Frank Lesser, who writes for The Colbert Report, expresses his frustration with captchas in a column in the New York Times that you might relate to. Link -via [...]

Best NYT Correction Ever

A couple of weeks ago, the New York Times ran a great article entitled Navigating Love and Autism. A day later, it was forced to add a correction, apparently by the many fans of My Little Pony. Link -via Buzzfeed

Inspiration in Adhesive Tape

(vimeo link) If you read the New York Times story we linked last week, The Secret to Success, you were probably impressed with the graphics that accompanied the story. They were created by Doyle Partners, and now you can watch how they created those illusions. Laughing Squid has another video showing how they put GRIT in [...]

Frank Sinatra: Crossword Puzzle Fan

Frank Sinatra wrote this letter to New York Times editor Eugene Maleska. The correspondence between them began in the early 80s after he was featured in a crossword puzzle, which he could complete in half an hour. Link -via Letters of Note

The New York Times Homepage

(YouTube link) Phillip Mendonça-Vieira accidentally found himself in the possession of 12,000 screenshots of the New York Times homepage from September 2010 to July 2011, which he arranged into a video for your perusal. There are some stories that were so big you can follow them even at this breakneck speed. At his site, Mendonça-Vieira writes [...]

A Century of Meat Consumption

The New York Times has created a chart that illustrates changing meat eating habits among Americans over the past century. Chicken, as you can see, is steadily on the rise, whereas lamb (black) eating has dropped to almost nothing. I’ve clipped it from 1955 to the present, so click on the link if you’d like [...]

The Secret of Learning: Stop Studying and Start Taking Tests

Hate taking tests? Too bad! A study has shown that to really learn, you should stop studying and start taking tests: Taking a test is not just a passive mechanism for assessing how much people know, according to new research. It actually helps people learn, and it works better than a number of other studying techniques. The [...]