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Alien Invasion Movie Recipe

The New York International Latino Film Festival noticed that some movies follow cliched "recipes" and decided to exploit them in their ads. I particularly like this one, which is used for practically all alien [...]

8 Movie Cliches Illustrated

Hollywood is formulaic, as you all know. The three-act structure is so tried and true, few movies risk venturing out into untried territory. Dozens, if not hundreds of books have been written that outline the structure and devices an aspiring screenwriter needs to employ if s/he wants to sell a script. It’s no wonder clichés [...]

Graphing Worn Out Cinema Trends

If you’re a movie lover – or you just love to hate on movies – you’ll probably enjoy the series of movie cliché graphic posters created for the New York International Latino Film Festival by the Wing Agency: Check out the rest at Ads of the World.