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Geek Busts Teen’s Party with Technology

The folks are away, so it’s time to party! Or so David Rowe’s teenage daughter thought. How could her dad find out if he’s hundreds of miles away? The geek way, of course, by measuring his house’s power consumption using [...]

Jewish Christmas Traditions

Winter holidays tend to be bigger, brighter, and louder than celebrations during the rest of the year because it’s cold and dark, nothing is growing outside, and we need something to cheer us up. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, New Years Eve all tend to feature lights and colors and social gatherings fattening preserved foods -the [...]


Minnesotastan found this 1944 photograph titled “Alter Silvester in Urnäsch” at FOTOGRAFÍA and did some investigating. Silvester means New Years Eve, so the child is not asking for treats on Halloween, as one might assume. Commenters helped fill in the blanks. To specify further: technically the boy’s not carrying a cow bell but a trychel (Treichel [...]

Escaping Prisoner Becomes Stuck

42-year-old Roberto Carrillo didn’t want to be in jail for New Years Eve. He tried to escape the cell in Valle Hermoso, Mexico by squeezing through a gap he saw where the roof met a wall of bars, but there wasn’t enough room. He became stuck hanging upside-down and had to be rescued by laughing [...]