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Ringing in 1950

(YouTube link) This New Year greeting was shown in theaters among the pre-feature shorts in December of 1949. (via Nag on the Lake)

Vi Hart Makes Paper Snowflakes

(YouTube link) My 15-year-old daughter is hosting an informal New Year’s Eve party tonight, and she has the house festooned with paper snowflakes hanging from the ceiling already. Frenetic math artist Vi Hart has some wonderfully weird techniques that will ensure more snowflakes will be joining them. -via Holy Kaw! 

New Year’s Eve Confetti Clock Cookies

These treats made by Sarah of Repeat Crafter Me are perfect for New Year’s Eve! Each cookie has three layers. The center layer has a hole in the center. That’s where the star-shaped sprinkles go. Wait until the ball drops, the break them open. Link -via Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons

5 Questions: New Year’s ‘Ball’ Drop

Friday’s 5 Questions quiz welcomes 2013: New Year’s ‘Ball’ Drop

Family Reunion Dinner

(YouTube link) Warning: This Chinese New Year video might cause you to run for your hankie. From Bernas, a rice distribution company. -via The Daily What

The Cutest New Years Babies Ever

New Year’s babies are considered to be good luck, but when you’re as adorable as these baby leopard tortoises, you certainly don’t need to worry about luck. These little cuties were born at the Zoo Pragu, three on New Year’s Eve and three after midnight on New Year’s Day. While they’re tiny enough to fit [...]

Happy New Year 2012!

(YouTube link) A little something to play while you kiss your sweetie, celebrate with friends, and drink a toast to the year ahead. Those of you who aren’t in the U.S. Eastern time zone, you can play this video at whatever time you find appropriate. May the new year be your best yet! -via Buzzfeed

Teddy Bear the Porcupine Celebrates the New Year

(YouTube link) Teddy gets all festive for New Year’s Eve. He’s happy and talkative, as long as he’s got his corn! This porcupine now has his own Facebook page. Link -via Buzzfeed

New Year’s Eve Ambitions

If you adjust the years accordingly, this comic will work for almost anyone! However, no matter what time I go to bed on New Year’s Eve, it wake up at midnight because of the fireworks going off all over town. This year… my kids have fireworks ready. Comic by A. Stiffler at Chaos Life. Link [...]

A Short History of the Modern Calendar

(YouTube link) Have you got a calendar for the new year yet? The calendar we use might not be all that rational, but we are quite used to it. This video from Jeremiah Warren will help you understand how our calendar came about. -via The Daily What