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New World Record Skydive

(YouTube link) The skies over Ottawa, Illinois saw 138 skydivers set a new world record this past weekend as they linked up in a snowflake formation. Months of planning and 15 attempts resulted in the stunt you can see in this video. The previous record for an aerial formation like this was 108 skydivers. These daredevils, [...]

World’s Largest Crocodile

That’s one big croc! A killer giant saltwater crocodile, recently captured in the Philippines, has set a new world record: Link Where have I seen that beast before? Oh yeah. 

Man drives 1,531 miles on single tank of fuel

A driver has set a new world record by driving over 1,500 miles in a car without refuelling once. The record was achieved in a diesel Passat Bluemotio…


Qatayef (قطايف) is an Arab dessert commonly reserved for the Muslim holiday of Ramadan, a sort of sweet crepe filled with cheese or nuts. Palestinians make biggest “Qatayef” dessert to set world recordPalestinian sweets-makers prepare the biggest piece of eastern dessert “Qatayef” during an event organized by the tourism ministry to make a new world [...]

Tattoo World Record Broken

Imagine creating a tattoo every minute and a half for 24 hours straight. That’s what Jeremy Swan did a few months ago here in Los Angeles to set the new world record for most tatts inked in a 24-hour period. (The old record was 801.) Check out the vid below from the LA Times for [...]

Exploding star from 13 billion years ago

A new world record has been set for the most distant astronomical object ever observed, astronomers have viewed light from a star that exploded 13…