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Schrödinger’s Cat is Alive!

Look Out Schrödinger’s Cat, It’s a Trap! T-Shirt Hooray for science! Berkeley physicists have managed to probe the state of a quantum object without collapsing it – the equivalent of taking a peek at Schrödinger’s [...]

11-Set Venn Diagram

You’ve never seen the Venn Diagram like this before: a flowery diagram for 11 sets of objects, made by Khalegh Mamakani and Frank Ruskey at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada: One of the sets is outlined in white, and [...]

Phantom Hand is More than Original Hand

A strange case of a woman with a hand amputation lends credence to the idea that our brains know what our bodies should be like, even if our bodies vary from the norm. The woman, referred to as RN, was born with a deformed right hand that had only three fingers. That’s all she ever [...]

Schrödinger’s Cat

(YouTube link) New Scientist produced a new One-Minute Physics animation to explain the Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment in a hurry. As if you could explain “collapsed realities” in one minute. Still, it’s a cute cartoon. Link

The Burial Suit That Eats Your Body

Thinking about your own death is an unpleasant chore for most. Jae Rhim Lee, however, enjoys dwelling on the subject. Specifically, she likes to think about what will become of her body after she ceases to need it. All that thought has spurred one interesting idea for Lee – who has decided to forgo traditional [...]

Can Ants Count?

In this science video from NPR, Robert Krulwich (of Radiolab fame) describes an experiment in which scientists demonstrated that ants were somehow counting their steps. The crazy (and somewhat gruesome) part is that the experiment involves, uh, altering the ants’ legs in order to demonstrate the specific counting aspect of these ants’ behavior — it’s [...]

Functional Imaginary Phone

(Video Link) Here’s how it works: the palm of your hand is in view of a depth camera. Wherever you point on your palm corresponds to an area of the screen on a touchscreen phone. The computer hooked up to the camera then sends relevant commands. Researchers at Potsdam University figure that this technology that they’ve [...]

The Best Pop Culture Songs about Science

(Video Link) Gaia Vince of New Scientist compiled a huge list — with video links — of popular songs about science. My favorite wasn’t mentioned. It’s “Put It to the Test” by They Might Be Giants. This song introduces the scientific method. What’s your favorite song about science? Link via Marginal Revolution

Spray-On Clothing

Researches at the Imperial College in London have developed a reusable fabric that can be taken off and re-worn: The spray consists of short fibres that are mixed into a solvent, allowing it to be sprayed from a can or high-pressure spray gun. The fibres are mixed with polymers that bind them together to form a [...]

10 Future Space Transportation Technologies

At New Scientist, Michael Marshall describes ten hypothetical technologies that could propel spacecraft at greater distances and higher speeds than ever before. These aren’t warp drives and hyperspace wormholes, but real science. One example is the ion thruster, which may be just a few years away from actuality: Conventional rockets work by shooting gases out of [...]