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Chinese Craze: Dyeing Pets to Look Like Other Wild Animals

A new fad is taking over China and it may be either cute or creepy depending on your take. People are dyeing their dogs and domesticated animals to look like pandas, tigers and other wild animals. What do you think, could this catch on in the States? With more money to spend, newly wealthy Chinese have [...]

Two girls planking for a purpose

Two young Taiwanese women use the unusual new fad of “planking” to help promote positive messages. “Planking” is a notorious fad that involves lying o…

Origins of Life

Hulu, which I understand is not available to the whole world (apologies), has a great video by Gerald Calderon. It’s quite possibly the best explanation of the origin of life ever presented on film. The art direction, the narration, the whole 40 minute production really sums up the scientific record, and is full of win. 15 [...]