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24-Hour Daycare

A lot of jobs are outsourced to India, so why not parenting? A 24-hour daycare center in New Delhi billed itself as the place to go for "children of parents who are too busy [...]

Stalin’s Daughter, Who Was Living in Wisconsin, Has Died

Earlier this year, Rob Lammle discussed the life of Stalin’s daughter Svetlana in a piece on famous defectors. The New York Times is reporting that she passed away last week in Wisconsin. Here’s an excerpt from Rob’s story. Svetlana Alliluyeva was born in 1926 to Nadezhda Alliluyeva and Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin. She was the [...]

Hitler’s Nephew, Stalin’s Daughter and Other Famous Defectors

Here are four defectors whose stories you won’t soon forget. 1. Hitler’s Nephew © Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS William Patrick Hitler was born in England to a German father, Alois Hitler, and an Irish mother, Bridget Dowling. When William was still a boy, his father moved back to Germany, but his mother refused to go, raising her son alone [...]

More Crazy Intersections & Traffic Jams

“QUANTUM SHOT” #701Link – by Avi Abrams The only thing that helps while stuck in traffic is knowing that somewhere others have it worse This page will come as a stress-reliever for many – seeing how others are also battling horrid commute traffic jams and ridiculously complex interchanges every day. We covered this topic before – see [...]

The Monkey Riot and Other Weird Riots in History

Our pal Asylum blog has a fantastic article about how some of the world’s most bizarre riots got started. Like this one in New Delhi, India in 2007, that was caused by … monkeys! In New Delhi, where monkeys are a touch more revered and tolerated than they would be in most countries, rhesus macaques, numbering [...]

Hunt For The Poo Squirter of India

It’s like a modern day version of Captain Ahab’s quest for the white whale Moby Dick. But ickier. A whole lot ickier and much more intriguing. Sam Miller, BBC’s former South Asia correspondent, has been obsessed with finding a man “whose dexterity and gall [he] admires beyond reason,” … the New Delhi Poo Squirter: I was in [...]