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Why Do They Call It Trinidad AND Tobago?

Christopher Columbus did a lot of naming in his day. As it turns out, he had a hand in naming four of the five island-nations with two names. Is that an obscure enough fact for you? Still, this is definitely the kind of fact that shows up on pub trivia night, and if you know [...]

Seawise Giant: You Can’t Keep a Good Ship Down

We’ve all heard of the Titanic and the Exxon Valdez. The story of the tanker than was once known as the Seawise Giant is much less familiar, although it’s every bit as memorable. The largest ship ever built—she was nearly twice as long as the Titanic—actually sank, only to rise up from the ocean floor [...]

The Biggest Ships in the World (DRB Series)

DRB SeriesLink Can’t rock these boats… only stare at them in stupefied amazement What some of these ships may lack in finesse (though most of them are technological marvels), they make up in sheer unadulterated SIZE. Enjoy the fascinating facts and wide-format images in this highly popular series: First, The Biggest Ships in the World series proper (which [...]