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The Toilet Paper Factory

(YouTube link) A clip from the Sesame Street instructional video Elmo’s Potty Time, featuring music from nerdcore rapper MC Frontalot. He made it a fun factory tour! -via Bits and Pieces

Steampunk Da Vinci Cupcake

Hold on to your monocle and top hat, Steampunk lovers! Mike’s Amazing Cakes baked up this idea of bringing Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings into cupcake form, sprinkled with a little steampunk magic. Between the Pages blog [...]

Action Film with Claymation Cats

(Video Link) Lee Hardcastle’s The Raid holds nothing back as trained SWAT cats force their way into a building occupied by a criminal gang. They’re adorable, in a bloodthirsty way. Content warning: violence and gore. -via Nerdcore

Lost in Space Cake

Danger! Danger, Will Robinson! This cake has been drugged by Dr. Smith! But it was made by Cakes with Character, a bakery in Hicksville, New York. Bakery Facebook Page -via Nerdcore Previously: 12 Fun Facts about Lost in Space

Bone Guillotine Made by a Prisoner of War

I figure that the guy who made this creepy model just wanted to persuade people around him to give him some space. At least, that’s what I’d do if my bunkmate made it. Pictured above is a twenty inch tall model of a guillotine made from bones. According to the British family that recently sold [...]

William Shatner Performs "Bohemian Rhapsody"

(Video Link) This official music video from his new album places William Shatner where he belongs: looming over us as a demi-devine figure dispensing questionable wisdom from on high. What does God need with a starship? This. -via Nerdcore Previously: William Shatner? William Shatner. William Shatner!

DJ Kittens

(Video link) A video clip that show three kittens trying out some skillful DJ moves on the turntables. Some very talented kittens on turntable decks sounding much better than I would. featuring DJ Cat Scratch, DJ Kitteh & DJ Pus. Arbroath via Nerdcore

If Star Wars Had Been Written by Jean-Paul Sartre

(Video Link) Philosophical debates are really a lot more interesting when resolved by lightsaber duels, which is why OneMinuteGalactica rewrote the script to Episode IV with quotations from French existentalist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre. The producers include these handy viewing instructions: And obviously this will make no sense if you understand French. If you do know it, hit [...]

Dune Coloring and Activity Books

To promote the movie, the producers of Dune (1984) released a set of children’s coloring and activity books. Coilhouse has scanned several pages from them, many of which are shockingly and hilariously inappropriate for children. Link via Nerdcore Previously: Goodnight Dune

Nintendo Guitar

GetLoFi built a functional six-string electric guitar from a NES console. You can view a video of it being played (as a musical instrument) at the link. Link via Nerdcore Previously: Nintendo Famicom Guitar