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Professor X at His School

Patrick Stewart–Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men movies–visited a school with a familiar name. He writes, “This was taken a while ago but hearing best student Logan is officially on board, it now seems a good time to share.” Link -via Nerd Approved

The Twelfth Doctor

The good news is that he’s finally a ginger. He’s also bouncy. Bouncing is cool. Nerdache Cakes made this cake showing Tigger and Piglet battling for the future of the Hundred Acre Wood. Link -via Nerd Bastards

Exhaustively Detailed Hobbit Dollhouse

Every detail of Maddie Brindley’s Bag End is perfect. Every miniaturized item is Hobbit-appropriate, right down to the decorations and writings. You’ve got to see it to believe it–and you should. Link -via Nerd Bastards

Pac-Man Shower Curtain

Holly from Get Your Nerd Craft On! blog created this waka-waka-riffic shower curtain featuring Pac-Man out of a black fabric shower curtain and a little acrylic paint. The only downside? Having Pac-Man and the [...]

What If Wall-E And EVE Were Made For War

There’s something different about Wall-E and EVE but I just can’t seem to put my finger on it… Oh wait, that’s what it is- they’re now armed to the teeth like a couple of war machines! DeviantARTist SgtHK wasn’t content with letting the robotic lovers live their lives in peace, so he decked them out for an [...]

Big Daddy Styled Nerf Maverick Gun

What a beautiful example of Nerf Maverick gun modding! It’s a Big Daddy styled pistol with a dome that lights up and a Little Sister hanging out on the back looking for any extra EVE lying around the room. It was created by Amanda Jean Lopez, a huge Bioshock fan who really outdid herself when she crafted [...]

Lando Calrissian: He’ll Fight for You

(Video Link) Have you been injured by a Jedi? Do you have an unresolved workers’ comp claim? The law offices of Lando Calrissian are here for you. He’ll bring you justice and the settlement that you deserve. Call today. -via Nerd Bastards

The Doctor Who Quiet Book

We’ve seen a Star Wars quiet book and a Star Trek quiet book, but what is the parent of a little Whovian to do? The crafty Bantam 33 has solved that problem with a long set of adventures launched from a felt TARDIS. View the rest of her pages at the link. Link -via Nerd Approved

Calvin And Hobbes GIFs

These awesome Calvin and Hobbes GIFs remind us of how cute an animated series featuring the imaginative duo would be. Relive the adventures of a boy and his tiger, as they make faces, travel through space and face the wrath of Mom, like you’ve never seen before- in the form of cute animated GIFs! They’re perfect for [...]

Darth Vader Has a Conversation with His 12-Year Old Self

(Video Link) We’ve seen Jeremiah McDonald have a conversation with a younger version of himself. But what wasn’t clear is that his idea wasn’t original. It had already been done a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. When he was 12 years old, Anakin Skywalker made a video to talk to himself later [...]