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Man bites snake to death

In an unusual case of role reversal, a man in Nepal killed a Cobra snake by biting it to death. Mohamed Salmo Miya has been working in a rice paddy wh…

Cobra Bites Man, Man Bites Back and Kills Cobra

Like the Captain says, “If someone tries to kill you, you try and kill ’em right back.” A man in Nepal understood this rule and took revenge on a snake that bit him: Nepali daily Annapurna Post said Mohamed Salmo Miya chased the snake, which bit him in his rice paddy on Tuesday, caught it and bit it until it died. “I [...]

Extreme Zipline

This looks like fun and/or suicidal – take a look at the world’s steepest, tallest and one of the longest ziplines in the world: ZipFlyer Nepal is the world’s most extreme zipline. With a vertical drop of 600 meters over [...]

Nepalese Honey Hunters

Think you’ve got a tough job? Meet the Rai people of Nepal, who go to great length to collect honey from hives perched 250-feet up the side of a cliff. The Vimeo clip above is by [...]

Adventurers of the Year 2012

Two Nepali men, Lakpa Tsheri Sherpa and Sano Babu Sunuwar, went on an adventure they dreamed up called The Ultimate Descent: They would climb to the world’s highest point, launch a paraglider and fly for as long as possible, bicycle to a point where streams gathered into rivers, kayak across the Nepali border into India, and [...]

Official Regulations for Hunting Yetis

What are the rules for hunting the Abominable Snowman? The government of Nepal was very clear about what people on mountain climbing expeditions should do if they encounter a Yeti. In 1959, Ernest H. Fisk, counselor of the US embassy in Kathmandu, summarized the rules for American travelers in Nepal. You can read the full [...]

Where Children Sleep

9-year-old Jamie shares a top-floor apartment on New York’s Fifth Avenue with his parents and three siblings. The family’s two other homes are in Spain and the Hamptons. 14-year-old Prena is a domestic worker in Nepal and lives in a cell-like room in the attic of the house where she works in Katmandu. Kenyan-born, English-raised, Venice-based documentary [...]

23 Animals Relaxing With Cool Summer Treats

All across the country, people are hot and miserable. Perhaps this collection of adorable animals cooling off with icy snacks will help. Monkeys Swoyambhunath of Nepal is nicknamed “The Monkey Temple” for the sacred monkeys that live inside the complex. Flickr user lavenderstreak was able to capture these pampered primates in this delightful picture. Flickr user Sudar Muthu was [...]

8 Candidates for the Next New Nation

On Saturday, South Sudan declared its independence, becoming the brand-spanking newest nation in the world. While peace and prosperity is still a good way off for this newborn, Texas-sized country—ethnic tensions are high, the economy is in shambles, and a half-dozen rebel groups have already vowed to take down the new government—the South Sudanese people [...]

The World’s Shortest Man

Move over, Edward Nino Hernandez, there’s a new smallest man in town. Junrey Balawing of Zamboanga del Norte, who turns 18 today, measures only 24 inches from head to foot lying down and just over 23 inches standing up. Balawing, the eldest of four siblings, is not only the shortest living man, but the shortest living [...]