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Brick Jacking-St. Louis Style

If you think crime is bad in your neighborhood these days, ask yourself this: are people stealing bricks from houses on your street? If the answer is no, then your hood’s got nothing on St. Louis, Missouri, where things have gotten so bad people are literally stripping houses to the ground for a few extra [...]

Absolutely Gorgeous & Fascinating Trees

Dark Roasted Blend has an amazing collection of stunning and interesting trees right now, including the African tulip tree above, which is apparently very invasive. With a tree that pretty though, I don’t think I’d mind if it took over my whole neighborhood. How about you? Link

Ice Cream Cone Fan

Ice Cream Cone Fan – $7.95 Are you looking for a fun way to beat the summer heat? You need the Ice Cream Cone Fan from the NeatoShop. With this little fan you will finally get to claim the title of Coolest Person in the Neighborhood! Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more fabulous Personal [...]

Darth Vader’s Ice Cream Truck

(YouTube link) Imagine an ice cream truck rolling into your neighborhood playing that tune -wouldn’t you run to it as fast as you can? Admiral Snackbar, indeed! This is an advertisement for Star Wars Popsicles, one of many April Fool’s Day items from Think Geek. Link

Man Reprimanded By City Officals For Cleaning Up Trash

Hydn Rousseau was so tired of all the trash and crime in his Florida neighborhood that he finally took matters into his own hands. He organized a cleanup effort. “I saw debris and trash everywhere and I said I have to come back home and make a difference in my community,” stated Rousseau. Last Saturday, he organized [...]

Now Waiting for the Bus Can Be Fun

San Francisco has one of the finest public transit systems in America, but that doesn’t mean the buses and subways are always on time. Anyone who has ever lived in the city can tell you just how much time they’ve wasted sitting at the MUNI stations waiting to get picked up. Fortunately, Yahoo! has come up [...]

House Converted from Old Fire Station Has a Fireman’s Pole

A condo in the Cole Valley neighborhood of San Francisco was made from an old fire station. The pole that allowed firefighters to descend to the bottom floor is still there. It’s to the right of the fireplace in this photograph. Link via Gizmodo | Photo: Redfin

The Most Colorful Cities in the World

I live in a bright yellow house in a mostly brown or brick neighborhood, so I am drawn to these colorful neighborhoods around the world. This picture is from Bo-Kaap, Cape Town, South Africa. See all 20 colorful cities at Buzzfeed. Link

Neighborhood in Spain Names Streets after Video Games

A housing development in Zaragoza, Spain, will name its streets after classic video games. Last Saturday, residents dubbed one road “Avenida de Super Mario Bros.”: Other planned roads in the neighborhood include streets named for “Sonic the Hedgehog,” “Space Invaders” and “The Legend of Zelda.” Video games won out over more traditional options in an online poll [...]

Man in Milwaukee Says That He’s a Superhero

“The Watchman” is the moniker of a masked man who patrols the streets of Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood at night: “I’m what people refer to as a real-life superhero,” he says. By night, on weekends, he patrols Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood, looking for injustice and evildoers. By day? That’s a mystery. “While most reactions to what I do are positive, [...]