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The Flogsta Roar

In Flogsta, a neighborhood in Uppsala, Sweden, everyone opens their windows or goes out in the streets every night at 22:00 and starts screaming! Really. It’s a tradition in place since the 1970s. The area is dense with college students, and they say it is to blow off steam. Redditor TombSv linked to a video [...]

Snoopy Christmas Cake

Snoopy is guaranteed to win first prize in the neighborhood Christmas decorating contest. Sweetmilk4you made this lovely cake covered with fondant. Snoopy himself is made of gumpaste. Link -via Between the Pages

The Littlest Trick-or-Treater

Aww, the little fella can’t wait for Halloween! He even has his candy basket ready. Instructables member psychsurf is going to have fun escorting him around the neighborhood (presumably he’s too young to trick-or-treat by himself). Link

Piranha Scissors

(YouTube link) Okay, you need to cut something, but you’re in the Amazon rain forest with no scissors. What to do? Just grab a friendly neighborhood piranha and let him do the cutting for you! -via Arbroath

When Hipsters Invade …

NYC Immigrants Versus Hipsters Call it the sign of times. Years ago, neighborhoods across the United States were changed by the influx of immigrants. Now, the cultural war [...]

Bicycle-Mounted Chainsaw

Yes, you might be able to fight zombies with this weapon. But I think it’s better suited for neighborhood jousting. Who can afford a horse and and armor? Those things are expensive. Just strap your chainsaw onto your bike and charge. -via DVICE | Photo: unknown

The Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World

This ain’t your neighborhood Barnes & Noble, that’s for sure! Flavorwire has the gallery of 20 most beautiful bookstores in the world. (The one above is the El Ateneo Grand Splendid bookstore in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Take a look, before Amazon puts [...]

Bat House

The Spanish art collective Estres would like to remind you that your cuddly neighborhood chiropterans need a place to live, too. So they turned a birdhouse upside down! Link -via Super Punch

"Heroin for Sale" Sign Raises Suspicions

You know there’s a problem in your neighborhood when drug dealers are brazen enough to post signs saying “heroin for sale” -with an address! That’s just what happened in north Portland, Oregon, last week. Portland police served a warrant on the address on Tuesday. Officers who raided the home found a small meth lab, 19 grams [...]

The NYC Nomad

It’s nice work if you can get it. Last year, Ed Casabian began moving around New York City, living in a different neighborhood every week. He writes about his experiences, and is booked up through October already. I’d like to stay with people of different ages, races, religions, sexual orientations and economic situations. I’d like to [...]