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Avengers X My Neighbor Totoro = Adorably Awesome!

My Neighbor Totoro and The Avengers are two movies which are unlikely to ever become the subject of a crossover project, but the idea alone makes for some really cool fan art! Check out this adorable mashup created by DeviantARTist samoubica, who feels that the cute and cuddly nature of the Hulk has been overlooked. Hulkoro [...]

Feral girl found in Russia

The 5-year-old was found living with cows in Rural Russia and is only able to communicate by mooing. The alarm was raised by a neighbor who lived clos…

I Saw You Walking In The Rain

Is there anything better than going to Japan and then seeing Totoro with an umbrella waiting for a bus? Now that’s simply magical. I sure wish he was my neighbor. Link Via io9

The Late Movies: Happy Birthday, Mister Rogers!

Tuesday would have been Mister Rogers’ 84th birthday. Here are some clips to celebrate our favorite neighbor. Our first video is from 1969, when Fred Rogers went before the Senate to plead for a $20 million grant for public broadcasting, which was in danger of being sliced in half. Watch him seal the deal. Here’s his intro [...]

Neither of These Tablets Come With Apps?

From our pal Dan Piraro of Bizarro, here’s a reminder to update the Ten Commandments to include "Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s iPad?" Link

$1000 Fine if Your Dog Barked Excessively

Tired of incessant yapping of your neighbor’s dog? Well, the city of Los Angeles is on your side: they’ve decided to levy fines on the owners of dogs that bark excessively (and if that [...]

Mr. Rogers Sings “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” Spanning 33 Years

In this simple video, we see Fred Rogers singing the iconic “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” theme some from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood over a span of 33 years. It’s touching to see his consistency and gentleness over so many decades. The show ended its run on August 31, 2001. Enjoy: (Via, via [...]

350,000 Books Saved from Burning Now to be Burned

What happens when you rescue over a quarter-million books from the incinerator? You have to buy another house to live in, first. Then you have to figure out what to do with all the books when they start to tear your house apart. When Shaunna Raycraft learned that her neighbor planned to burn 350,000 books, she decided [...]

Weedrobes: Prom Dress Created from Yucca Plant

Photo link Who knew invasive plant species could be so gorgeous? Artist Nicole Dextras scoured her backyard (and her neighbors’) for wearable weeds to comment on environmental issues in the fashion industry, such as the need for sustainable materials. This prom dress was made from Yucca plants found in her neighbor’s backyard. Dextras said she was [...]

Turbo The Doberman Saved By Dolphins

Turbo, an 11 year old doberman, wandered away from his home on Marco Island, Florida. He was found fifteen hours later in a canal not far from his home, alive but exhausted. The dog likely spent the entire night in the canal before a neighbor rescued him after being alerted by dolphins who kept the [...]