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The Hobbit Hole Necklace With Bilbo Inside

Lockets are nice, but what if your heart belongs to a fictional character? No problem, just get a necklace modeled after his home that has a tiny version of your favorite character inside -like this great Hobbit Hole necklace with a tiny Biblo inside by Etsy seller GildedPixel. Link

Skeleton Key Necklace

Skeleton Key Necklace – $9.95 Are skeletons and pirates the key to your beloved’s heart? Get them the amazing Skeleton Key Necklace from the NeatoShop. This fantastic accessory is handcrafted to look like a key composed of a tooth, bone, and skull. It makes a wicked fun gift for any pirate lover. Be sure to check out [...]

Stormtrooper Necklace

Stormtrooper Necklace – $11.95 Attention Star Wars fans! Are you on the hunt for the perfect everyday accessory? Show your allegiance to the imperial army with this fabulous Stormtrooper Necklace from the NeatoShop. The darkside will be pleased. Darth Vader Necklace also available. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more fantastic Star Wars items. Link

Bringing a Different Meaning to the “Crown” Jewels

A tooth necklace might seem like the type of accessory you would have found in Jeffrey Dahmer’s dresser drawers, but back in Victorian times, there was no sweeter way to commemorate your child’s first lost tooth. In fact, Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, had their first daughter’s milk tooth made into a brooch shaped like a [...]

10 Creepy Pieces of Taxidermy Jewelry

Someone bought this necklace featuring a snake fetus in a vial, but the Etsy seller has more vials of creepy things for sale. The necklace is part of a list of 10 Shockingly Creepy Pieces of Taxidermy Jewelry. Bones, feathers, teeth, and other animal parts are available for you to wear. But would you want [...]

Vampire Bite Necklace for Your Twilight Mom

Got a Twilight Mom? Etsy seller meekssandygirl crocheted the perfect necklace for her: a Vampire Bite silk cashmere necklace. Link | More unusual Christmas gift ideas by our very own Jill Harness over at Inventor Spot