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The word is new to me: pleonasm, a phrase that uses more words than necessary to get a point across. Here are examples you’ve probably heard: 1. Nape of the neck. There’s only one nape, and it’s the back of your neck. It’s possible we get confused by the “scruffs” of animals’ necks since there are [...]

Can You Break Your Neck by Sneezing?

Apparently, you can. Twenty-eight-year-old Monique Jeffrey of Melbourne, Australia, sneezed so hard that she actually dislocated two vertebrae in her neck: Monique—of Melbourne, Australia—who was alone at home with her 10-month-old baby, said [...]

From Text Neck to Hogwarts Headache: 6 Injuries for the Modern Era

Our shiny new gadgets (and one teen wizard) are proving once again that human beings are really easily breakable. 1. Text Neck Texting image via Shutterstock Do you have shooting pains down your neck and arm, as well as numbness or tingling in your fingers and hand? If you’re over forty, you might want to call an ambulance [...]

Chainsaw Bayonet Attachment Offers More Ways To Mow Zombies Down

Man, with all the innovative ways people have come up with to destroy zombies, humanity should be well prepared if we ever end up in neck deep in the walking dead! The latest innovation comes in the form of the Doublestar Zombie X Chainsaw rail attachment-just attach it to your favorite assault rifle and get to [...]

Chicken Wing Jewelry

You know what you need? A piece of chicken around your neck. No, really! Let’s say a fried chicken wing, painted a nice shade of pink, and then suspended from a gold chain around your neck. Here, put it on before you go to that job interview. You want to make a good impression, right? Link [...]

Real Life Like Button

Does your ego need a cheap boost? Make one of these portable and wear it around your neck! My prediction: the future of augmented reality includes upvote and downvote buttons for individual people. In the meantime, we’ll have to be satisfied with this interactive object built by Mario Klingemann and displayed at the UAMO festival in [...]

Spoctocus Tattoo

The Spoctocus can neck pinch eight people simultaneously and squeeze itself through the narrowest of Jeffries tubes with ease. This tattoo has been attributed to artist Daniel Limon of Tuscon. Link via blastr

The Transylvanian Naked Neck Chicken

Research into why Transylvanian naked neck chickens have naked necks reveals a complex balance between genes and chemicals that produce a bird’s (not just chickens) feather pattern while it is still an embryo in an egg. Once the combination was discovered, Chunyan Mou from the University of Edinburgh found that bird necks are naturally more [...]

Knitted Power Cord Scarf

Why are you wearing a plastic insulated electrical cord around your neck? Nguyen Le, a photographer and crafter in Brooklyn, made one out of cotton and wool yarn that is probably a lot more comfortable. Link via Geek Crafts | Le’s Blog

My Awkward Attempts to Design A Hands-free Phone

For this Friday’s Museum of Possibilities, I risk ridicule by sharing my past attempts to create a hands-free phone. Working for nearly twenty years at a metropolitan newspaper, I watched reporters spend a half-hour conducting a phone interview with a telephone crammed between their upraised shoulder and neck. It was easy to see how neck [...]