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4 Old Men Who Played College Football

College football is usually a young man’s game, but occasionally an old timer finds his way onto the field. With this fall’s schedule finally in full swing, let’s take a look at four players who didn’t let their relatively advanced ages keep them off of the gridiron. 1. Tom Thompson, Austin College In November 2009, [...]

Liquid Picnic Table

No, reality isn’t losing coherence — at least any more than it is normally. This surreal picnic table does indeed flow toward and over a railing. It’s an art installation by Michael Beitz at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Nebraska. Link | Video | Artist’s Website | Photos: Bemis Center Previously by Michael Beitz: The [...]

"Tsunami in the Sky" Storm Cloud

“QUANTUM SHOT” #716Link – article by Avi Abrams, photography by Mike Hollingstead The “Giant Wave” Supercell Pictures That Will Blow You Away The results of the 2011 spring storm chasing season are in. Mike Hollingstead from Extreme Instability has been chasing storms for many years (his site is always a fascinating read for thrill-seekers). We featured his [...]

50 State Stereotypes

Have two minutes? Then you have time to check out author Paul Jury’s video that will surely anger everyone in the U.S. (Nah, it’s all in good fun.) Don’t have two minutes but still want to see what witty one-liner he assigned to your state? Check out the transcript. A couple of my favorites: Nebraska: “Footballs, drawls [...]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Duncan Hines

You may have a box of Duncan Hines cake mix in your cupboard, but you may not have known that, unlike Betty Crocker, Hines was a real person. Here are five things about the patron saint of powdered dessert mixes that might surprise you. 1. He Got His Start as a Salesman Hines wasn’t a chef [...]

Boston’s Great Molasses Flood of 1919

On January 15, 1919, Boston suffered one of history’s strangest disasters: a devastating flood of molasses. The “Great Molasses Flood” tore through the North End and deposited so much gooey residue that locals claimed they could still smell the molasses on warm days decades later. Let’s take a look at this odd, tragic story. © [...]

The Quick 10: The Non-Football Careers of 10 Heisman Winners

Amid controversy on Saturday, Auburn’s Cam Newton was the 74th person to win the Heisman Trophy. Whether he’ll make it in the NFL remains to be seen – some of the most promising Heisman winners failed to get drafted, played a season or two before getting the axe, or eschewed a bone-crunching professional football career [...]

How the Big 12 Schools Got Their Nicknames

Much of Big 12 country is farmland, which is evident in the original nicknames of many of its teams. From Bears and Buffaloes, to Cyclones and Sooners, here are the stories behind the nicknames of 11 of the current Big 12 schools. (Nebraska was covered with its future Big Ten brethren last week, while Pac-10-bound [...]

How the Big Ten Schools Got Their Nicknames

From Badgers and Boilermakers to Hoosiers and Hawkeyes, the Big Ten Conference boasts an interesting set of school nicknames. Here are the stories behind the monikers of the conference’s 11 teams, as well as future Big Ten member Nebraska. Illinois Fighting Illini According to the University of Illinois archives, the first documented use of the term [...]

Five Places Where Land is Free

Some communities need residents. Some need jobs. Some need development. In order to get those things, a few communities will give you free land! These small communities want you to build a house and make yourself at home. Several small cities in rural Kansas will give you a land lot if you agree to fashion housing [...]