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And Now, My Beloved Disciples. The Moment of Truth… Meet Lo Pan!

When we ask, "You ready, Neatoramanauts?" – ready to see some neat photo galleries of cosplayers from the New York Comic Con 2012, like the sorcerer Lo Pan from Big Trouble in Little China, [...]

Lowest Common Denominator

1/8th of Neatoramanauts don’t understand this Brevity comic by Guy Endore-Kaiser and Rodd Perry. Link – via AQFL

I Don’t Always Play a Red Shirt on Star Trek. But When I Do, I Survive The Whole Episode

That’s right, Neatoramanauts. Jonathan Goldsmith, the man behind Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man in the World, once played a Red Shirt in the Star Trek episode The [...]

Smart Casual Phone

So, Neatoramanauts. Did you get a new smartphone? Perhaps the new iPhone 5? Well, however stylish your smartphone is, I betcha it’s not as clever as this smart-casual phone as drawn by Gemma Correll: Link

World’s Oldest Arthropods

The images to your left, dear Neatoramanauts, are photomicrographs of the world’s oldest arthropods (invertebrate animals that include insects, arachnids, and crustaceans) preserved in amber: Even though arthropods are more than 400 million years old, [...]

For Sale: Check Out Card Signed by Elvis Presley

Some Neatoramanauts may be old enough to know what this is. It’s a checkout card for a library book, used in the days when library circulation was handled by bear skins and stone knives instead of computers. In 1948, the Man Who Would Be King checked The Courageous Heart, a biography of Andrew Jackson, out of [...]

Is “Dear” Dead?

Dear Neatoramanauts, Do you still write "Dear so-and-so" in your correspondence? No? That’s what author and CNN contributor Bob Greene noticed as well: Is "Dear" an endangered species? It would appear to be. You may have noticed that fewer and fewer [...]

The Busy Trap

Hello, Neatoramanauts! Howyadoin’? If you answer "busy" or better yet, "craaazy busy" then welcome to modern life. You’re not alone. Most of Americans in the 21st century live in the perpetual [...]

Help Name These Anime Characters, Please?

Hello Neatoramanauts! I’ve been busy adding a lot of new and neat items on the NeatoShop, but yesterday I got stumped. See, I was adding several anime-related items (including some cool new Totoro items – yay! Those are hard to get) and was proceeding nicely until I got to these two Anime Zipper Bags shown [...]

Nice Peter’s Picture Songs

Neatoramanauts: If you haven’t discovered the wonderful comedy of Nice Peter over on YouTube, you’re in for a treat tonight. Each Monday night he creates a new song to pictures he’s found online. This week’s had me LOLing pretty hard, so check it out: Nice Peter is also the brain and talent behind all those great [...]