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Mickey Mouse and Friends Voltron

This, Neatoramanaut, is what happens when childhood memories collide. Behold, Chogokin King Robo Mickey Mouse and Friends, or what happens when Disney goes Voltron! Caleb Goellner of Comics Alliance has more: Link

Han Solo in Carbonite Guitar

Neatoramanaut Daniel Deutsch (who makes the Etch-A-Sketch iPad Cover) sent us these awesome photos of the best Star Wars guitar ever! The Han Solo in Carbonite guitar is handcrafted by Travis Stevens (who also created [...]

The Hungry Games

Excited about seeing the Hunger Games? Neatoramanaut Donovan Santiago noticed distinct similarities between a plate of food and Katniss’ mockingjay pin, and came up with this clever The [...]

Crocheted Gun Store

Neatoramanaut Senor Mysterioso (featured previously) did something neat that you would never have thought of in a million years. He crocheted an entire gun store! The pistols in the display case, the ammo boxes, the weapons hanging on the walls -all made of yarn! This was his Bachelor of Fine Arts thesis project. See details [...]

Graffiti Stairs Optical Illusion

This work of work of art, according to Neatoramanaut chriskayTO, can be found in a subway station in Toronto. Examined from the correct angle, it looks like a staircase. Link via Geekosystem

Star Trek Theme played on a Musical Saw

Thanks to neatoramanaut Michael Tapp for sending us the amazing video he shot in the NYC subway!


Neatoramanaut lonewolfe13 won a t-shirt in the What Is It? contest. The Support Cloning shirt he selected from the NeatoShop lent itself well to this photography art project. The shirt fits all five of him! Link

Balance Beam Moves

(YouTube link) Neatoramanaut Algonquin recorded his sister showing off gymnastics moves on the porch. The descriptions reads: “Nadia Comaneci has serious competition towards this gifted gymnast.” She’s a good sport for allowing this to be uploaded.

Sticky Moments

Three years ago, Neatoramanaut Chris Garvey drew a punny doodle on a piece of sticky note and posted it on a co-worker’s desk to cheer her up. He continued to draw one note a day and today has a collection of over 1,000 drawings. Take a look at the cartoons – some are cute, some [...]

Mini Monsters and Tiny Terrors, an Art Show by Nathan Mazur

Neatoramanaut and artist extraordinaire Nathan Mazur (he’s the awesome creator of the Neatorama Squid and the I Love Teuthology T-Shirt) is having a solo show at the Zombo Gallery in Pittsburgh. The show will run till Oct 16th, so visit soon if you’re nearby, mmkay? The show is titled Mini Monsters and Tiny Terrors, which sound [...]