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Teaching a Baby to Laugh

You can always find videos of adorably cute and sometimes funny kids at NeatoBambino. This one features a father who means well, but his attempt to teach the baby to laugh backfires in a big way. Link

Things I Learned at NeatoBambino

Catching up on the new posts at NeatoBambino today, I learned that: 1. Offending parents of small children is a great way to gain national publicity. 2. Some schools will no longer teach cursive handwriting, and the preferred alternative is not “typing,” but “keyboarding.” 3. I will never dance as well as this kid. You’ll probably learn even more [...]

Joe the All-Terrain Bunny

Joe is a young paraplegic rabbit. Liam designed a way to put wheels on him so he can get around without dragging his hindquarters. This is just one of the many cute stories at NeatoBambino you might miss if you don’t check it out every day. Link

Baby Goes Down The Stairs In Style For Bottle

Nothing will stand between this baby and a bottle … not even a full flight of stairs. Check out how this cute kid navigated down the stairs over at NeatoBambino: Link [embedded YouTube clip] | For more cute and wonderful baby and kid stuff, check out Neatorama’s own NeatoBambino blog.

Decipher the Doodle!

Have you been to NeatoBambino lately? The new Decipher the Doodle contest is up, in which you have a chance to win a t-shirt from the NeatoShop by examining a drawing by a 4-year-old and figuring out what it is supposed to mean. You can win with the first correct interpretation (according to the 4-year-old), [...]

Life Plans

Hop over to NeatoBambino to see an adorable five-year-old who know what she wants to do with her life, and what she doesn’t want to do. Link

Life Lessons My Dad Taught Me

What a great list of the things that are important to pass along to children! Tiffany at NeatoBambino shares some of the things her Dad said that stuck with her. My father told me many of the same things. I had a hard time deciding what to excerpt here, so I’ll just give you the [...]