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10 Cool Trivia Facts About The Hobbit

We already presented you with some fun trivia about the book-version of The Hobbit, but if you’re interested in learning more about the behind the scenes actions involved with making the film version, io9 has you covered with all kinds of neat facts. For example: Smaug Stole All Of New Zealand’s Gold (Paint) The greedy dragon’s [...]

Show Biz Ruined SpongeBob!

Don’tcha know that SpongeBob was going to end up out from under the sea and onto the hard streets of Rome, Italy? Via Street Art Utopia and Cubiclebot Previously [...]

Man Tried to Stop Car the Flintstone’s Way and Crashed

Most people would stop driving their car when the brake failed, but not this Fred Flintstone-wanna be: he tried to use his feet instead. Roseville Police arrested a 24-year-old man Wednesday who tried to use his feet to brake his moving car and failed, hitting four cars along the way. The Fred Flintstone wannabe, a roofer [...]

Carl Sagan in a Space Battle

Michael of Ninjerktsu drew this comic about his hero Carl Sagan and his Spaceship of the Imagination in a space battle against the evil triumvirate of astrology, homeopathy, and perpetual motion. Take a look: Link Previously on Neatorama: 10 Neat Facts About Carl Sagan

Japanese Kids Go Crazy for SpongeBob Straws

This YouTube clip of a McDonald’s commercial in Japan featuring SpongeBob straws immediately brought two things to my mind: 1. What the heck is in that juice? 2. What sane parents would buy something that turn their kids into a pile of screaming nuts? Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] Previously on Neatorama: 10 Neat Facts About [...]

Tron Trailer #3

Tron Legacy trailers are like candy to geeks, and Disney is savvily dripping them on the Interweb to whet their appetite for the movie. This one, Trailer #3, contains new and very awesome snippets of the movie: Link [embedded YouTube clip] Previously on Neatorama: 10 Neat Facts About Tron

Daft Punk’s New Tron Music

Undoubtedly some of you have seen “Derezzed,” the music video for TRON: LEGACY by Daft Punk that went ’round the Interweb earlier today. But if you haven’t it’s filled with awesome snapshots of the upcoming movie: Link Previously on Neatorama: 10 Neat Facts About Tron

Caption Monkey 66: SpongeBob SquareCar

(Yes, it does have a license plate, but I blocked it off) Who drives a square car on the highway?SpongeBob SquareCar!Boxy and yellow and Scion is he.SponbeBob Square Car!If drivin’ nonsense be something’ ye wish … My wife snapped this pic of SpongeBob SquareCar while I was driving a few weeks ago. She just reminded me of [...]