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5 Questions: NBC-TV’s “Revolution”

In Tuesday’s 5 Questions quiz, you may recognize some of the names from ‘NBC-TV’s Revolution

This Is How The Queen Rolls

Keep calm and wear a hoodie. The photo above, reports Natalie Morales of NBC’s TODAY, shows how Queen Elizabeth II rolls in her Range Rover: Link – via Huffington Post

Annoying People Talking on Their Cell Phones? Jam ‘Em!

You and I may grumble when people nearby talk loudly on their cell phones, but that’s not enough for one man in Philadelphia. He decided to take matters into his own hands and jam them phones! The NBC10 Investigators tracked down a [...]

A Brief History of the Super Bowl Broadcast

© Anthony J. Causi/Icon SMI/Corbis Sunday will mark the 17th time that NBC has broadcast the Super Bowl, tying it with CBS for the most in NFL history. Here’s a brief history of the Super Bowl on TV. The AFL-NFL World Championship Game Simulcast In 1967, NBC and CBS simulcast the first Super Bowl between the Kansas City [...]

Have You Seen This Show?

Ever since NBC announced that Community would be put on a temporary (read:possibly permanent) hiatus, fans have been rallying behind the show. Here’s my personal favorite effort to bring support to the show. What do you guys think about the show? Are you upset about the hiatus? Link Via Buzzfeed

Watch the Great Pumpkin Grow

(NBC video) Ken Desrosiers grew the biggest pumpkin in Connecticut history. He also kept a camera on it so we could enjoy this time-lapse video of its journey to 1,487 pounds! Notice the solar panels leaves moving to grab all the sunshine they can. Videogum has a list of neat taglines for this video. Link -via [...]

Happy Birthday, Don Pardo!

If you’re a fan of Saturday Night Live then you’re already familiar with the work of Don Pardo, whose iconic voice has been belting out the names of cast members since the show premiered in 1975. But to celebrate his 93rd birthday (today), here are a few things you might not know about him. 1. He’s [...]

The Late Movies: Best of Conan

Since the last episode of The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien airs tonight, here are some of Conan’s best moments from his 16+ years with NBC, showcasing the qualities that make Conan, Conan. Believe me, it was very difficult to narrow it down. If you have a favorite clip not listed here, leave a comment [...]

5 Other Late Night Feuds

If snarky commentary could deep-fry, Jay Leno would be onion rings. Ever since NBC announced that Jay Leno’s current 10pm show would be fine-tuned and moved to the 11:35 time slot, the knives have been out for the former Tonight Show host. Is Leno a hapless pawn caught in the middle of cutthroat NBC politics? [...]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Wayne Newton

You don’t earn a nickname like “Mr. Las Vegas” without leading a pretty interesting life. Let’s take a look at five things you might not know about the child star who became one of America’s most beloved crooners. 1. He Got an Early Start According to Newton’s website, he decided to become a musician after his [...]