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That’s a Big Bed

NBA player Al Jefferson is 6′9″ and 289 pounds. A regular bed just won’t cut it, and NBA stars can afford to have beds custom-made. So Jefferson got a bed that’s twelve feet long and ten feet wide! This picture is from his friend Mo Williams, who is shown demonstrating how big the bed is. [...]

Quiz: Name the NBA Finals MVPs Since 1988

MIKE SEGAR/Reuters/Landov The Miami Heat are NBA champions, and LeBron James was just named MVP of the Finals. Since 1988, 14 different players including LeBron have won that award. How many can you name in 3 minutes? Take the Quiz: Name the NBA Finals MVPs Since 1988

A Brit Announcing An NBA Game = Comedy Gold

(YouTube Link) The average Brit knows as much about the NBA as the average American knows about Arsenal and FIFA, which is why it’s hilarious to hear one of the Queen’s own announce a game between “the Clappers” (sic) and the Spurs. And, although the game isn’t real therefore the announcer isn’t currently employed by ESPN to [...]

That’s Doctor Shaq to You!

Shaquielle O’Neal left college early to enter the NBA draft, but promised his mom that he’d go back to school. In 2000, he got his bachelor of arts degree. But Shaq didn’t stop there: After leading the Heat to the NBA title [...]

NBA Team Logos

Since the NBA playoffs are going on now, mental_floss is taking a close look at professional basketball team logos. A really close look, zooming into the face of the mascot or figure on the logo. And that’s what today’s Lunchtime Quiz is all about. Some of the logos are current, some from the past, and [...]

What the Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks Were Almost Called

The NBA Finals are set, with Dallas heading to Miami for Game 1 on Tuesday. We can’t tell you who’s going to win, but thanks to an article Scott Allen wrote for us a couple seasons ago, we can tell you what both teams were nearly named: Dallas Mavericks A Dallas radio station sponsored a name-the-team contest [...]

Bruce Jenner, John Wayne and a Newborn Baby: 18 Curious Draft Picks

It’s a guarantee that in this year’s NFL Draft, a future Hall of Famer will be selected after someone who never plays a down in the league. What we can say with equal certainty (well, almost) is that no team will try to draft a newborn baby, select a Hollywood movie star, scout from the [...]

One Sweet Severance Package & Other Tales of the ABA

“The NBA was a symphony, it was scripted; the ABA was jazz.” —Ron Grinker Rival leagues were all the rage in North American sports in the late 1960s and early 1970s, but none has had as lasting an impact as the American Basketball Association. The ABA’s six-year war with the NBA resulted in a merger that [...]