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Want to look at a bunch of pictures of Navy SEALS in training? In a world where enemies who agree to wear black hats are hard to come by, the military and President Obama have begun to lean on the highly trained, whip-smart services of elite Special Forces units. While other budgets are shrinking, funding for [...]

US Navy’s New Online Game to Battle Pirates

Osama may be gone, but that doesn’t mean the Navy SEALs are resting easy. There’s Somali pirate huntin’ to do and this time you’re invited … to play an online wargame that is: “This isn’t World of Warcraft,” Schuette says. That’s an understatement. MMOWGLI tweaks the choose-your-own-adventure style of a war game. On Monday, after you [...]

Navy SEAL Blowin’ Stuff Up!

I’d like to meet the SEALS that took out Bin Laden some day and buy them all the beer they can swill. Navy SEALS are so badass; they are the only thing Chuck Norris fears. Just look at this SEAL blowing stuff up on the battlefield with a giant gun. That is one of the [...]