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Vulcan Earrings

If Nature didn’t give you lovely pointed ears, accentuate what you have with these earrings that will accelerate any Vulcan male’s seven year itch. Raja Gondkar, a designer in Mumbai, won a fashion award for these bridal earrings. Link -via When Geeks Wed

The Missing Links: An 18-Mile Ice Cube

The HMS Bounty Is Lost Getty Images Yesterday I posted a link about a famous ship used in the filming of several movies, which had to be abandoned. The ship has now sunk and some members of the crew are missing. * Enough Already Cracked presents a few pop culture arguments that we’ve all had [...]

Repeating History

A look into the nature of the past from Doghouse Diaries. If you’re not familiar with George Santayana, you can find out more about him at Wikipedia, including more quotes. And no matter how you view history, it’s still good advice to learn from your mistakes -or someone else’s. Link -via Geeks Are Sexy

A Treehouse for 1 Person and 78 Birds

In a nature preserve named after Momofuku Ando, the inventor of instant ramen, you can find this birdhouse complex. In the front, there are 78 individual units for birds. In the back, accessible with a ladder, there’s space for one human. Little holes in the dividing wall let occupants look and presumably communicate with each other. Link | [...]

Silence is spreading over the natural world

As habitats are lost and species die out around the world, so too do the sounds of nature. Musician and naturalist Bernie Krause has spent over four d…

Fantastic Sculptures By Odani Motohiko

These massive, milk white sculptures by Japanese artist Odani Motohiko have an ethereal nature about them, with wispy details and fantastic subjects to match. They have the appearance of fine porcelain, which adds to the delicate nature of these works, and would probably look even more impressive in a room where the walls are painted black, [...]

Woman with ’superhuman’ sight discovered

Scientists believe that some people are able to see up to 100 times the range of colours most of us can. Due to the subjective nature of vision it is …

Twinkie Sushi

The Twinkie, nature’s perfect food, can be used for almost any culinary purpose. Here’s a recipe for a sushi-like production. You’ll need fruit roll-ups, dried mango, candied fruits and dried fruits. And, of course, lots of Twinkies. Link -via PJ Lifestyle | Photo: Hostess

Laziest Walrus Colony Ever!

(YouTube link) This nature clip is less than a minute long, but it pretty near made me fall asleep. These walruses have it made! -Thanks, Marc Ostrick!

Werner Herzog’s Note To His Cleaning Lady

Werner Herzog, the famous director, is mad. He is fuming mad. Absolutely livid … at his cleaning lady. So he left her this note: Now we must turn to the horrors of nature. I am afraid this is [...]