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Natural Curiosities Apron

Natural Curiosities Apron – $24.95 (sold individually) The Halloween season is upon us. Are you on the hunt for a stylish apron to help celebrate the season. You need a Natural Curiosities Apron from the NeatoShop. These striking aprons feature owl, butterfly, and beetle designs.    Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more fantastic Aprons! Link

Anatomical Art of Juan Gatti

I’m loving these fantastic anatomical artworks, Ciencias Naturales (Natural Sciences) by Argentinian graphic designer Juan Gatti. Check out more at Juan’s work over at his agent’s website here: Link – via Who [...]

Fossilized Pregnant Dinosaur May Present First Evidence of Live Birth

This fossilized Polycotylus latippinus, a carnivorous marine reptile that lived 78 million years ago, contains a smaller, less developed skeleton inside of her. Scientists are therefore speculating that this creature did not lay eggs like other dinosaurs, but gave birth to live young. If true, then this dinosaur may have exhibited maternal care behavior similar [...]

Lost tiger population found in Himalayas

The highest known living tigers have been discovered high up in the Himalayas by the BBC’s Natural History Unit. Trail cams set up some 4,000 metres a…

Diorama World

What happens when the bison at the Museum of Natural History get dusty? Photographer Richard Barnes has traveled the U.S. photographing museum dioramas undergoing repair and maintenance, and his photos have been made into a book, Animal Logic, that was published last fall. Do his photos, which emphasize the distinction between nature and artifice, increase or [...]

Museum secures Loch Ness Monster rights

London’s Natural History Museum has secured the rights to display the remains of the Loch Ness Monster should it ever be captured in exchange for …