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Lava Kiss

Photo: Dallas Nagata White Photographer Dallas Nagata White submitted this photo of her husband surprising her with a dip and a kiss in front of a Kilauea lava flow in Hawaii: My husband and I, [...]

How To Eat Chocolate

National Geographic’s “Digital Nomad” Andrew Evans investigated Swiss chocolate by visiting a factory in Broc, Switzerland, in which tourists can take part in an all-you-can-eat sampling. There are guides to help participants rein in their tendency to overdo it, because the enjoyment comes from the quality, not the quantity. Swiss chocolate expert Michel Baud tells [...]

Where the Web Was Born

Andrew Evans of National Geographic Traveler went to Switzerland to visit the place where the World Wide Web was born. It was at CERN that Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau sent the first “page” through the internet, using hypertext transfer protocol (http). Evans took a tour, which concentrated on the facility’s large hadron collider. He [...]

Looking at Mom with Love

A tender mother-child moment, brought to you by the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. This picture was taken at Camp Leakey, Tanjung Puting National Park in Indonesia. The contest is open for entries until June 28, or even later with an additional fee, but oy, look at the competition! Link -Thanks, Marilyn! (Image credit: miranda rachellina)

Hot Momma

Leslie Hall is the Quality Assurance Industrial Specialist for Tabasco Sauce. That means she tastes the hot Tabasco brand sauce all day, every day. It’s her job. ā€œI like it hot! Iā€™m a Louisiana girl,ā€ she smiled. She better like it ā€” as a food scientist, Leslie tests every batch of Tabasco Sauce four times, checking [...]

NatGeo Traveler Photo Contest Winners

National Geographic Traveler magazine has announced the winners of their 2011 photo contest! First place went to the photo shown here, taken by Ben Canales at Crater Lake National Park. Read the story behind the picture, and see ten other amazing winning photos at NatGeo (do not miss the Viewer’s Choice winner). Link -Thanks, Marilyn [...]

Bear Caught Napping with Fish

This photograph was taken by Rick Sheremeta, who tells us about the shot. On a recent photo trip to Alaska’s McNeil River, I spent four days observing and photographing Brown Bears. The bears routine became pretty obvious – they’d fish for a while until their bellies were full, then they’d wander off into the grass for [...]

Photo Subject Found Twenty Years Later

Photographer Catherine Karnow went to Vietnam in 1990 to photograph scenes from that country as it was just opening up to visitors from the west. She spent days on a train traveling toward the mountains of central Vietnam. I came upon a young mother with her children. My translator friend was not with me, so I [...]

15 Sandwiches From Around the World

Putting your meal between slices of bread is a trick people do all over the world -with slight differences from country to country. In Australia you may have a chance to try the yeast paste called vegemite. In Japan you can have your noodles in your sandwich. In Vietnam you might encounter the spicy Vietnamese [...]

Pink Bear Poop

Photo: Bettyboop4 [Flickr] National Geographic Traveler’s Intelligent Travel (and now Neatorama) blogger Marilyn Terrell just came back from a trip to the Yukon Territory in Canada. Naturally, she’s got lots of stories about her adventure, the fascinating ecology of the Yukon and so on and so forth. But since I’m stuck here in the ‘burbs, my jealous [...]