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Redwoods, the Super Trees

Photo: Michael Nichols/National Geographic That sure looks high off the ground! National Geographic photographer Michael "Nick" Nichols snapped the photo of botanist Marie Antoine passing a core sample of a [...]

Face-Off with a Lion

(YouTube link) National Geographic photographer Mattias Klum tells the story of a special moment he shared with a endangered Asiatic lioness that could have eaten him. -via Metafilter Previously: Revenge of the Meerkat

Shooting Bears

(YouTube link) Relax, no bears were harmed in the making of this video. This is a video about National Geographic photographer Michael Melford on an expedition to take pictures of bears. But that doesn’t mean there’s no excitement! And we’ll see a bit of humor, too. -Thanks, Marilyn Terrell!

What Lives in a Cubic Foot of the Mo’orea Tropical Forest?

Photo: David Littschwager/National Geographic Just what live in a cubic foot in the tropical forest of Mo’orea, French Polynesia? You’d be surprised at the biodiversity: National Geographic photographer David Liittschwager photographed this Metrosiderous tree and all 58 species he found crawling, flying, or taking root in it. He and a team of scientists accounted for 49 arthropods, [...]

Hippie Gorilla is Thinking

Photo: Ian Nichols, National Geographic National Geographic photographer Ian Nichols captured this image of a seemingly contemplative Silverback gorilla. What do you think it’s thinking about? Thanks Marilyn!

Giant Leopard Seal Brings Penguins to Photographer

In this two-minute video, National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen relates the story of a giant leopard seal who tried to teach him (Nicklen) how to hunt for penguins. While Nicklen was in Antarctica photographing the seal, she (the seal) kept bringing him penguins as food offerings, thinking that Nicklen was an incompetent predator who couldn’t [...]

How NatGeo Photographer Paul Nicklen Got "Adopted" By a Deadly Antarctica Predator

National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen is one lucky man. Not only did he get to swim and take photos of a 12-foot leopard seal in the Antarctic (and didn’t get eaten), he was actually “adopted” by it! I slipped into the water, terrified of what might happen, and I swam up to this leopard seal. [...]